user photo Confess a sexual experience that was most memorable and why
Posted by nevranuff 12/05/2012 09:00 AM 6 Comments
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Comments (6)

nevranuff is offlinenevranuff

What was your funniest sexual experience?
01/06/2012 08:43 PM Top

nevranuff is offlinenevranuff

If you were to share would you want more than 1 extra?, and would it matter what sexes they were?
24/05/2012 09:20 AM Top

tech is offlinetech

I'd try almost anything once, but I guess all the couples and swingers are used to it. smile
23/05/2012 04:53 AM Top

nevranuff is offlinenevranuff

Do you think jealousy may rear its ugly head after the fact?
14/05/2012 12:24 PM Top

kittycatcher is offlinekittycatcher

No roblem, so long as it was her choice
14/05/2012 11:01 AM Top

sarah is offlinesarah

Yes I would if the we had a strong relationship, and he knew the boundaries and I trusted him.
14/05/2012 01:21 AM Top
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