DP (DOUBLE PENETRATION) : Anyone tried it? Worth trying?

user photo I've always seen porn with a chick takin it in the ass and hur twat at the same time whats it like? Was thinking of trying it..........
Posted by milftito 13/11/2012 03:17 PM 6 Comments
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Comments (6)

blueeyes is onlineblueeyes

yep it sure is an amazeing experience but felt i had to have afew drinks
19/02/2013 10:26 PM Top

sexman07 is offlinesexman07

nice assssblink
21/11/2012 12:35 PM Top

nortyinaux is offlinenortyinaux

Yes and it works for me smile
20/11/2012 07:17 PM Top

mckenzie is offlinemckenzie

Had both fun....
19/11/2012 07:53 PM Top

beachysurfy is offlinebeachysurfy

Have you had a dildo in your arse and been fucked at the same time?
17/11/2012 05:02 AM Top

greatkiwi is offlinegreatkiwi

Ive only dealt being a guy, but ive taken girls with a dildo and fucked their ass at the same time. great fun
15/11/2012 12:35 PM Top
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