user photo I think it will be very quickly
Posted by johnboy1234 16/07/2008 08:19 AM 5 Comments
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d_v_it is offlined_v_it

Carisbrook is owned by the rugby union years ago we had an offer for a league test match but the rugby union wouldn't let it be played at Carisbrook. the new stadium will get a lot more use and it will get more than rugby.
yea it cost money but you got to pend sum to make sum get behind it and in years to come maybe things like the 7s concert and league matches will be played in dunners either that or everything will stay up north
29/08/2008 06:36 AM Top

johnboy1234 is offlinejohnboy1234

All very good points Rusty
and it would be fantastic if that was how it all worked. That would be the ideal situation for everyone.

But that is only a theory on how it will work. For starters the predicted costs are complete bullshit, they are in reality and in keeping with todays costs, (not the costs when the prices were forecast), at least double what they tell us. That is a massive debt which incurs massive interest, and will prevent any future great ideas for a long time.

Then they tell us it will attract touring overseas acts, which is also false. Its not big enough to make it financially feasible.

As far as the University goes.... I may be wrong as I am no expert and only know what I have read or heard, but I have heard their involvement is nowhere near what was presented. I have heard they will only use and pay for the facilities when they need them.

If it is such a great investment for the city. Why isn't the business sector funding it???? Why is the majority coming from the little people who have no choice in the matter?

Finally I would like to say.... I am no expert in this matter and could be completely wrong. One day I think MMmh maybe it might be a good idea, all the positive things they say it will bring, but then you read conflicting facts, and it makes you wonder. Thats a lot of money and debt to put a small city into on a product that has proven worldwide NOT to be financially successful.

I guess it all comes down to how much money you have. If you are comfortable, you wont mind taking the risk, but if you are just making ends meet each week an extra $20pw off your pay will make you look more closely at the pros and cons.

YES I AM a ratepayer.

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19/08/2008 09:04 AM Top

rustykiwi is offlinerustykiwi

get your heads out of the sand - the stadium wil be used on a daily basis by the University and that is what sets it apart from others in NZ.

Carisbrook is not up to the requirements for international rugby going forward, if retained we are not likely to get any tests at the World Cup or beyond. And it is now only used for rugby and nothing else and remains virtually idle most of the time apart from a few Otago rugby staff.

The new stadium will be a valuable addition to the University and will attract higher numbers of students, and this is where its major value lies, not with the rugby it will attract.

The University is the major employer in NZ and the major strength in the local economy. The stadium as part of the University facilities will make it the leading univeristy in this part of the world. No other university in NZ or Australia can boast that sort of world class facility for its students.

This less about yourselves and more about the future of this city and of your children.

If any of you are actually rate payers it is a few extra dollars a month to ensure this city remains a city and doesn't become some distant backwater
19/08/2008 08:11 AM Top

johnboy1234 is offlinejohnboy1234

I have to agree with you there about Carisbrook Raho. Theres a lot of history there, and if you spent half the money they propose to spend on the stadium, on upgrading Carisbrook. You would have a better result and at least $100 million to spend on far more important and urgent needs for the city.

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02/08/2008 12:56 PM Top

raho is offlineraho

Our forebears left us things that probably were considered White Elephants in their day, too.
But I think they had great foresight to give us the Town Hall, Moana Pool, The Troup Railway Station, the Octogan, the University, the Hocken Library, The Chinese Garden, the Taieri Gorge Railway and Carisbrook.
For Pete's sake, what the hell is wrong with Carisbrook?
What will the new stadium cater for that can't be catered for by a Carisbrook upgrade?
A few (very few) guys are going to make money out of the stadium. The rest of us will pay and pay and pay-------
21/07/2008 10:07 AM Top
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