Womens yearn : Is it a womens wistful day dream...or mans entitled perverse

user photo Is it indeed the secret desire.. tucked away and every now and again its bought to surface  . Indulged. and quickly returned to its hide.. nervously and anxious of its discovery..
One woman ...multiple men...their aching engorged members penetrating her every entry  ...hands groping and manipulating her flesh   kneading her excited breasts...teasing them to point. Other hands parting her thighs   ...seeking.. fondling...ignighting her every pleasure ....the bodies are upon her her..she gives herself fully  spread open vulnerable...her excitement builds with anticipation

Is this how a woman feels when enjoying more than one partner.. dies she attempt to manipulate the players or does she just govern herself to them...
Is it the vulnerability that turns her on ..or just stimulus overload..

Id love to hear a womens take...her feelings of desire be wanted
Posted by krisja 11/07/2020 06:04 PM Comments
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