Bachelor Parties

Top Six Facts To Know About Bachelor Parties

Friends don't let friends walk down the way without an excited and memorable "last night of freedom." But before you begin stuffing your wallet with singles, there are some bachelor party facts which are essential to know. Heed these important factors and you will really remember all the fun you are about to have.

Have a look at these bachelor parties tips:

RULE #1: The best man, make party planner:
If you are the best man and you are the party planner. The very first thing order of business. Try to seek what the groom wishes to do. Does he want to sit around with his buds and smoke cigars? Actually, not all bachelor parties indulge tons of booze and strippers. If he doesn't wish strippers don’t surprise him. And as the groom chooses the night's festivities, it's your job to make them happen and make entertaining even more than their expectations.

RULE #2: The guest list is the groom's call:
Some grooms wish to invite friends, colleagues, families while others only wish friends. So, it's totally up to the groom. In a case, you have a problem with someone on the guest list, remember why you both are there and remove the dispute.

RULE #3: The groom pays for nothing
All expenses should be divided equally among those attending the party. Thus, if you are going away for the weekend, start saving your money. It’s totally your responsibility to get the money, so start early.

RULE #5: No hazing
Do not confuse the groom and absolutely do not put him at risk, unless you need to say to the bride why her soon-to-be-husband is wearing a cast.

RULE #6: Never Pretend you are at a frat party  
Following shots by shot running beers? A few shots in honor of the groom are the perfect.  Perhaps not. Thus, you wish to the groom to really remember his last night of freedom. Drink and be happy, but if the groom ends up, burned on a rooftop, you have spread too far.
So, whenever you are planning for a bachelor party, must consider the above mentioned tips and enjoy a wonderful party.

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